Myanmar Individual Tours: Private Tours with Your Own Guide

Tailor-made Tours through Myanmar

Discover the Mysteries of Myanmar on a Privately Led Individual Tour!

Discover the beauty and charm of Myanmar without the noise of mainstream tourism on an organized trip that’s tailored just for you! Enjoy breath-taking panoramas of this uniquely beautiful country without being bothered by other travelers, and have an aunthentic experience of Myanmar by for example encountering the shy, but also curious locals during a train ride.

All of our tours in Myanmars- not just our Individual Tours- are private tours that are led by your own guide and driver. Therefore we suggest that you take a look through our descriptions of tours in the other categories that you can go on, such as round trip tours or sailing tours.

Our tours combines famous landmarks like the temple fields of Bagan and the facinating Inle Lake with excursions into the vast and untouched natural sights of Myanmar and into local, small mountain village of the Karen, Shan, Kachin, Lisu und Hmon. We will show you the authentic life of the local people, let you try out the Burmish cuisine in a cooking course, take you to beautiful beaches for a relaxing beach-side holiday, or if you prefer sailing, take you to the Mergui Archipelago where you can discovery its mysteries! We can also arrange that your Individual Tour be combined with a  ship voyage on the Ayeyarwady River. If you are more of an active holidaymaker, the Individual Tour can also be combined with a trekking tour, which have only been recently opened to tourists.

Every travel destination and also the entire route of your Individual Tour of Myanmar is decided by you. You decide:

  • when you want to start your vacation in Myanmar
  • how long you want to stay at each travel destination
  • what you would like to see or do
  • how much time you would like to spend for each activity or for relaxing
  • which hotel category you would prefer.

Deciding Your Myanmar Tour Route with Your Private Tour Guide

If you prefer not to depend on the wishes of other travelers to shape your traveling route, we offer you individual tours, which are an option that isn’t restricted to time-constraints and standard travel routes, and instead allows you to plan with us a tour tailored just for you.

Well-informed and cared for by your guide and driver, you will have the chance veer off typical touristic travel paths, and instead be better able to discover the authentic and untouched sides of Burma and get to know the local Burmish people.

Most of the group tours in Myanmar follow identical travel routes. It’s inevitable that there are traffic jams around central attracions—especially when it’s high travel season. Some of these attractions are also associated with shopping. Even if these „shopping tours“ are compared to those in other countries to be harmless, not all guests find these shopping tours pleasant.

With this reasoning, we have designed our travel itineraries to include nice alternative attractions and travel destinations. When there aren’t masses of tourists in the area, even a visit to a lotus weaver can be a recommendable travel attraction. We will discuss with you openly and with outmost seriousness about the interesting and also the negative points of such attractions when we plan your travel itinerary.

Luxurious Individual Tour of the Highlights of Myanmer via Unique Travel Routes!

Travel and Sleep in Luxury and Experience Local Specialities of Customized Destinations

Travel Package: Individual Tour, Luxurious Tour, Private Tour, Tailor-madeTour
Yangon – Kalaw – Inle See – Mandalay - Bagan – Mount Popa – Golden Rock
Trip length:
Prices from Euro: 4,100.00
Prices listed are per person and apply to 2 people in a double room!
Travel time: November - April
Identification Code: AS-LW-03

On this 14 day luxurious individual tour, you and your personal tour guide will get to enjoy the comfort of traveling in your own private plane,  enjoy a boat trip on the Ayeyarwady river, and get to sleep cozily in a hotel of your choosing. You will visit „royal cities“ of Myanmar, the famous Inle Lake, and the mountains of the Shan states. Besides cultural attractions like temples and pagodas, you will get glimpses of the life of the natives and also the unique beauty of the nature sights of the land. Floating gardens, limestone caves, and sites like nursuries for rare burmish cats, small workshops, and array of other smaller and bigger highlights of Myanmar are waiting just for you!

14 Day Luxurious Individual Tour

Myanmar Individual Trip for Self-Bookers

Independently plan your vacation to Myanmar with advice from professionals

Travel Package: Individual Tour, Backpacker, Tailormade Tour
Yangon - Golden Rock - Hpa An – Mawlamyine – Mandalay – Monywa – Bagan – Kalaw - Inle Lake
Trip length:
22 days
Prices from Euro: 3.390.00
Prices listed are per person and apply to 2 people in a double room!
Travel time: October - May
Identification Code: AS-LW-07

You would like to plan and organize your tour of Myanmar independently. You only want a guide one in a while, but you also want to guanrantee that you get to and from you destination without any problems and without losing time by searching for transfer and hotels. In this case, we offer the Individual Assisted Tour service, so that your trip can go as smoothly as you have planned!

22 Days Assisted Individual Trips

Individual Vacation Tour “Myanmar Adventure”

A tour to the heart of the Ayeyarwady Delta and the areas of Chin and its breathtaking Mount Victoria

Travel Package: Individual Vacation Tour, Private Tour, Tailor-made Travel
Yangon – Bagan - Mount Victoria - Ayeyarwady Delta - Ngapali Beach
Trip length:
16 days
Prices from Euro: 3,920.00
Prices listed are per person and apply to 2 people in a double room!
Travel time: October - May
Identification Code: AS-LW-10

This privately lead Individual Vacation tour takes you to two extraordinary wildlife reserves. This vacation tour is suitable for all Myanmar vacationers who have already been to Myanmar and seen cultural highlights like the U Bein Bridge and the Pagodas of Bagan. The first portion of this round tour trip takes place in the Chin State, whose mountain tribes still maintain their traditions. Mount Victoria was also named in 2012 a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The second portion of this tour takes place deep in the areas of the Ayeyarwady Delta, where you will be shown crocodiles, dolphins, and turtles. Before the British had cultivated the jungles, tigers could also be found here (unfortunately they have died out from this area.) And finally you will spend the rest of your vacation on the beautiful Ngapali Beach.

16 Day Adventure Individual Vacation Tour

Individual Vacation Tour “Nature, Wildlife, and the Beach”

A perfect vacation mix of nature, wildlife, and mountain tribes: the most important cultural highlights and relaxing vacation days on the beautiful Ngapali Beach

Travel Package: Individual Vacation Tour, Private Tour
Yangon – Taungoo - Naypyidaw - Inle See – Bagan - Mount Victoria - Ngapali Beach
Trip length:
16 days
Prices from Euro: 3,755.00
Prices listed are per person and apply to 2 people in a double room!
Travel time: October - May
Identification Code: AS-LW-11

This individual vacation tour is perfect for vacationers who would rather experience more nature than fumbling in cities and also see old architecture. On this round trip tour, you will be shown the cultural highlights on carefully crafted and informative routes and also be shown the genuine and pure landscapes of Burma. This individual vacation tour also includes a few relaxing days on one of the most beautiful beaches of Myanmar- Ngapali Beach- so that you will definitely have your dose of relaxation on your vacation!

16 Days Individual Vacation Tour “Nature, Wildlife, and the Beach”